Duke Losing a Basketball Game Can Heal a Nation

Published on 22-Nov-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Duke Losing a Basketball Game Can Heal a Nation

The holiday season seems to bring out the best in humanity.

However, nothing truly brings people together quite like a Duke basketball loss.

This admittedly rare occurence took place recently at the prestigious Maui Invitational.

Those feisty Bulldogs of Gonzaga somehow managed to stop the obscenely talented Blue Devils, 89-87, to take the tourney title.


Even the officials appeared to be complicit, as that may have been a foul there at the end.


After this hoops miracle ended, a nation rejoiced.


Well, it stands to reason that Tar Heel Nation would be pleased.


The nemesis of Skip Bayless is correct.


Finally, sweet relief.


Ah yes, the requisite Coach K dig.


Of course, Fake ESPN is kidding, but the hype machine was getting a bit outta hand.

This is one of the many reasons why people who have absolutely nothing in common can agree wholeheartedly that Duke is pure evil.

However, we can all agree that Zion Williamson is still an animal.


Yeah, these dudes probably won't lose again.