As Usual, Bracket Madness Starts with the Selection Committee

Published on 12-Mar-2018 by Alan Adamsson

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As Usual, Bracket Madness Starts with the Selection Committee

Same as it ever was, with one exception.

Really, all the chaperones of the Big Dance want to do is load up the bracket with big brand clubs from big brand leagues and then add a few minnows to make the whole thing look egalitarian.

All the great unwashed care about is having the 68 entrants finalized so they can go about building their pools and hitting the sportsbooks.


The only twist to this year's criteria for exlusion was this:

Who's on the FBI's current list of recruiting scandal suspects?

  • Louisville? Because Rick is just too slick, due process or no.
  • USC? Second in the Pac-12 standings and tourney don't cut it.
  • Oklahoma State? Don't care if they beat Kansas twice.

Auburn won the SEC regular season title, so it seems this was the only way to be smeared and selected at the same time.


As to the Florida Gulf Coasts and Saint Mary's of this world, the choice is clear if they wanna dance:

Win an automatic qualifier spot.

The Gaels tried to up the level of their non-cons, for example, and the best way to do that is slip into an early-season holiday tourney. They wound up in Anaheim and proceeded to drop a pair against Washington State and Georgia.


Such is life outside the big brands.


It's also why, sometimes, the NIT is more fun to watch.