Another Unbeaten Goes Down as Lobos Level Nevada in the Pit

Published on 7-Jan-2019 by Alan Adamsson

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Another Unbeaten Goes Down as Lobos Level Nevada in the Pit

Most of college basketball's legendary snakepits are gone in this age of glitz and media blitz.

Buildings like the historical Palestra in Philadelphia and Mac Court in Eugene -- now retired in favor of a Nike palace -- are hostile because of fans' proximity and acoustics.

Others come close, and one on any credible list is The Pit in Albuquerque, home to the New Mexico Lobos.


Steve Alford might be wishing now he'd stayed there.

Except for the travel. At times, inherent Mountain West Conference logistics can break the spirit of even the most hardened business flyer. There are fundamental challenges, such as connecting flights, that are virtually unknown to teams east of the Rockies.


They take a toll, and they're likely one factor that took the Nevada Wolf Pack outta the unbeaten ranks. That and The Pit. And a fired-up set of Lobos, to the tune of a 85-58 smackdown:


So much for Nevada's warm and fuzzy memories of defying The Pit.

Last season, the Wolf Pack made history by storming back from a 25-point deficit with 11 minutes to play to grab a 105-104 victory that surely added to their swagger the rest of the way.

After all, dudes also rallied from 22 points down against Cincinnati in last season's Dance.


With a solid March Madness run last season and an impressive start this season prior to running into the Lobos, the Wolf Pack's all but got an RSVP to this year's NCAA tournament.

It's not hard to imagine them as Final Four material, but they've gotta keep themselves from uprisings like they faced in the ABQ.


It may not get East Coast acclaim, but the Mountain West is tough again this season. There are at least three other clubs that -- due again to perspective -- need to fight their way into Madness, and they're not gonna be intimidated by Nevada.

This conference is gonna battle-harden its post-season survivors, and New Mexico just re-confirmed it.

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