Angry White Dude: Why?

Published on 12-Jun-2018 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: Why?

Why do sportstalk dudes feel the need to keep saying the LeBron is chasing six NBA titles?

Probably because even King James says it, but that's beside the point.

Only six? C'mon.

Don't get me wrong, six is a good number.

But if James does get to six, dude's still five away from Bill Russell.


Remember Russell?

He managed to outplay Wilt and win 11 NBA Titles in 13 seasons.


For goodness sakes, Robert Horry won 7 NBA Titles.

So why in the name of Canadian brainstorms is James only chasing six?

You can argue who's the GOAT all you want. You can not argue that 6 is a hell of a long way from 11. I'm not a math dude, but even I can get that.


All you MJ and James lovers had better stand up and recognize.

Bill Russell is the measuring stick.


Have you ever noticed how he's always in the right position? The ball finds him!

Have you observed that when Russell blocks a shot, it doesn't go out of bounds so the opponent retains possession? More often than not, he blocks it to a teammate?

Incredible! He forces an empty possession and triggers a break all at once!


Did you know Russell was the NBA's first black head coach?

Not only that, dude was a player-coach! And two of his titles came with him at the helm!

Safe to say, he did it all.


Jordan fell short of 11 titles, and so will James.

There were several great baskeball players before MJ. Think Erving, Wilkins, Bird, Magic, Jabbar, Wilt, and they all have one thing in common.

Their accomplishments are all diminished when compared to Bill Russell.


If your goal is to win NBA titles, do yourself a favor and aim high. No reason to sell yourself short.

Want to have the most titles ever? Six is not cutting it. You're only embarrassing yourself.

Want to be the GOAT? Gotta chase 11 and not 6.