The Shot Dude: Return to Hump Day Hoops

Published on 27-Apr-2016 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude: Return to Hump Day Hoops

It was so nice, let's do it twice!

Since Hump Day Hoops was such a hit the first time, we might as well revisit the concept before NBA takes a vacation.

Your favorite Shot Dude has some baller ideas to help you create a magical mid-week fantasy lineup.

There are injuries, substitutions, and home courts to consider, but you've come to right place. Check out today's three playoff matchups with the help of the Bovada data tool located on our Home page:

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Point Guards

Austin Rivers, Los Angeles Clippers ($4000) ... will see a gigantic increase in court time with the injury to starter Chris Paul. The last time Rivers played over 30 minutes was the Clippers' last regular season game against Phoenix, and he responded loudly with over 32 fantasy points. I'm expecting in the 25-27 range tonight.

Shaun Livingston, Golden State ($4400) ... has filled in admirably for Stephan Curry with fantasy scores over 20 in 5 straight games. I like his low salary and choose to spend elsewhere in my lineup tonight. Even with the very capable Patrick Beverly guarding him, I think Livingston hits for 27-29 fantasy points.

Shooting Guards

Klay Thompson, Golden State ($7600) ... has two things going for him tonight that I really like. Dude's the type who always seems to play better at home and also steps up when another starter is out of the lineup. In the last home game against Houston, Thompson poured in 37 points on the way to a 43-point fantasy night. A fair estimate is 36-38 fantasy points in this one.

James Harden, Houston ($10,500) ... has done everything he can offensively to will his team to win this series, but the Rocket's defense hasn't been able to stop the Warriors. With all the value at other positions it is easy to fit Harden in your lineup. Dude's easily tonight's top scorer with 45-47 fantasy points.

Small Forwards

Jeff Green, Los Angeles Clippers ($3800) ... will have a larger role in the Clips' offense with Blake Griffin being ruled out for the rest of this series. Dude's coming off a 31-minute, 17-point game on Monday that rewarded his users with 22 fantasy points. At this tiny salary, I'll be happy when Green scores 22-24 fantasy points tonight.

Al-Farouq Aminu, Portland ($6000) ... exploded for a career-high 30 points in Monday's game. The result of this was over 51 fantasy points, but don't expect a repeat in Los Angeles tonight. Dude's two games there were 27 and 28 fantasy points in games one and two. I foresee a 23-25 fantasy point game from Aminu.

Power Forwards

Luol Deng, Miami ($6600) ... has been a very consistent scorer for Miami with double-digit games in 9 of his last 10. Charlotte has a lackluster perimeter defense, so expect Deng to continue this trend. Dude's a lock to score 28-30 fantasy points in a game the Heat need at home to gain an edge in this series.

Draymond Green, Golden State ($8800) ... scored 41 and 46 fantasy points in the two games played at home in this series so far. Like Thompson, Green always steps up offensively when Curry is out of the lineup, and tonight should be no different. Sit back and watch as dude's fantasy total by the end of the night is between 42-44.


DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers ($8000) ... has been a dominant force inside in this series with no less than 36 fantasy points in any of the four games played to this point. The main factor has been those 12 rebounds have been Jordan'slowest output! I think he'll own the glass again tonight on route to 38-40 fantasy points.

Your favorite Shot Dude hopes you enjoy a happy hump day with some extra winnings in your pocket come tomorrow.

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