The Shot Dude: Going With What's Working

Published on 30-Apr-2016 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude: Going With What's Working

Since NBA fantasy scores have been strong during the playoffs, let's swim with the tide.

FanDuel is offering nifty Sat-Sun leagues that include all four NBA games this weekend, as long as you submit your lineup today.

Your favorite Shot Dude just removed his nose from the grindstone and has a complete squad to share.

While I mention every starter from Golden State below, keep in mind that FanDuel will only let you play a max of four.

With the schedule spread over two days, you'll want to check out the matchups for yourself. Please get some help from the Bovada data tool on our Home page:

Bovada NBA

Point Guards 

Shaun LivingstonGolden State ($4500) ... is running the Warriors' offense, and I want in! Dude's lowest fantasy output since taking over the reigns from Stephen Curry has been 23, but he's also reached 31 as his high-water mark. At home against Portland, in Game 1 of Round 2, I expect Livingston to be in the 27-29 fantasy point range.

Goran DragićMiami ($6200) ... has moving on to Round 2 on his mind but must swat away the pesky Hornets first. Dude's been a consistent source of double-digit scoring in this series and has averaged 24 fantasy points per contest. I think Dragić helps lead a home win with 27-29 fantasy points on Sunday.

Shooting Guards

Dwayne WadeMiami ($7800) ... has hit for double-digit scoring in every game this series and has had only one game below four rebounds and four assists. Wade's averaged 36 fantasy points per game so far and, barring anything unforeseen, should be on the floor until the end. Sit back and watch dude's fantasy total end up in the 34-36 range.

Klay ThompsonGolden State ($7800) ... has seen a spike in fantasy scoring from 28 in Game 1 to at least 32 or higher in every other game in the Houston series since Curry went down. I also like his matchup in this series, as Portland was only 18th best in the NBA this season against shooting guards. Like Wade, Thompson should get 34-36 fantasy points on Sunday.

Small Forwards

Harrison BarnesGolden State ($4300) ... is one of the few players I've found to get value from in the four games this weekend. Barnes is not one of the Dubs' elite scorers but contributes in other ways to end up with a helpful fantasy score for your lineup. Barnes should be between 20-22 fantasy points when this one's over.

Kawhi LeonardSan Antonio ($9200) ... only had one game below 35 fantasy points in the Memphis series. I think Oklahoma City will bring an up-tempo push for San Antonio, which will lead to more scoring in this series. We'll obviously know more after tonight's game, but look for Leonard to score 37-39 fantasy points against the Thunder.

Power Forwards

Luol DengMiami ($6600) ... hasn't been below 15 points or four rebounds in any game in this series. Dude's best output was at home in Game 1, when he logged 33 minutes and scored 41 fantasy points. We'd love to see a repeat of that performance, but 28-30 fantasy points is most likely where Deng will end up.

Draymond GreenGolden State ($9000) ... was only contained for one game in the Houston series. I have no hesitation about making him the first pick whenever the Warriors are without Curry. Many plays are designed to run through Green, and he should be the offensive focal point in the Portland series. Watch him lead all of Sunday's fantasy scorers with 40-42 points.


Andrew BogutGolden State ($4300) ... is a player with whom you can save some salary and still get good fantasy production. Dude's minutes might be in the mid-20s, but we've seen him average well over a fantasy point per minute before. Plus, Portland's defense against opposing centers this year was a disappointing 27th in the league. I like the Thunder from Down Under to tally 19-21 fantasy points against the Blazers.

Your favorite Shot Dude hopes that which ever fantasy games you choose to play lead to more cash in your pocket.

FanDuel scorecard

Remember that everyday is another chance to win, and always give it your best shot!

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