Please Don't Ask Larry Bird about Murals or His Many Tattoos

Published on 25-Aug-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Please Don't Ask Larry Bird about Murals or His Many Tattoos

They say that one man's art is another man's trash, or something along those lines.

Well, Larry Bird would certainly agree with this appropriated saying.

The legendary Indiana basketball deity was recently made aware of a mural splashed on the side of a building in a random Indianapolis neighborhood.

And he isn't the least bit pleased.


Here's the art installation in question:


For whatever reason, a California artist by the name of Jules Muck imagines her Larry Legend as a heavily tattooed bad boy.


While we rather enjoy this bizarro version of the former Boston Celtics great, it seems that Larry and his people feel this depiction doesn't really fit the carefully crafted Bird brand.


Fortunately, a compromise has been reached, as Muck will be removing most of the ink while leaving the single Indiana on the left forearm.

Sadly, the two fornicating bunnies on his right forearm will be going bye-bye as well.


Larry can probably remember where he's from without the tattoo.

Meanwhile, we can only assume that Chris Anderson received a generous consulting fee from the artist.


Birdman for the win.