Nets Complete Trade That Opens the Door for Signing Irving

Published on 7-Jun-2019 by Biff BoJock

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Nets Complete Trade That Opens the Door for Signing Irving

The Atlanta Hawks are now the proud employers of one Allen Crabbe.

The Brooklyn Nets are just as pleased to say sayonara to his $18million contract.

It means they're one step closer to gaining a measure of revenge caused by charity of their own making.

Dudes are on the cusp of signing Kyrie Irving.


For the record ...

  • Nets send: Crabbe, 2019 first-round pick (No. 17), 2020 first-pick (lottery-protected)
  • Hawks send: Taurean Prince, 2021 second-round pick

That move freed up the cap space that enables Brooklyn to offer a max to Irving, which is clearly to his liking. What's more, they still have room to make a pitch for Kevin Durant, D'Angelo Russell, or attract Anthony Davis via trade.


The Nets are intent on breaking out from the Knicks' shadow in Gotham and beyond because, really, how embarrassing is that?


Even if Irving is the only one who joins the fold, they're a stronger contender. This year's run to the playoffs wasn't a fluke. They're building a solid foundation.


Brooklyn's definitely in this summer's conversation:

  • They've got two max slots,
  • the Knicks have two max slots,
  • the Clippers have a clear path to two max slots, and
  • the Lakers have one max slot plus assets to make a major trade.

Their pitch is at least as solid as the other three, and it could be argued it's more so. They've got the inside track to being the big fish in the Big Apple, and given the Knicks ...


... they're strategically more competent.

All that has to happen now is unfold according to plan. In the name of Dr J, this could actually happen.