LeBron Wills Cavaliers to Finals

Published on 28-May-2018 by Biff BoJock

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LeBron Wills Cavaliers to Finals

Back in the day, they were known as the Supremes.

Until they were Diana Ross & the Supremes.

Kinda like the entertainment world's version of hero ball.

In those times, NBA champions were simply known by their team names as opposed to, say, Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics.


The Celtics reigned when the definition of superstar was just beginning to form. It eventually sorted itself down to two criteria:

  • Being known by the general public whether or not they followed the sport; and
  • Being known for making those around them better.

Thus, James Harden is not a superstar. LeBron James is a superstar, in every sense of the term.


The difference between the two is -- without Chris Paul -- the non-Harden Rockets have much in common with an appendix, while the non-James Cavaliers had better be alert because LeBron is looking to keep them involved.

Both get their points, but LeBron does it within the flow of the game.

Kinda like he did in Game 7, when the road team finally won one:


It's also interesting that the Celtics and boy genius Brad Stevens went into Game 7 trying to be something they're not, at least with the likes of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward on the shelf.

This assemblage of players is not the Golden State Warriors. Going 7-39 from beyond the arc just might be their first clue.


Cleveland wasn't much better at 9-35, but they've got someone the Celts don't.

And Boston coulda used the empty possessions most of those misses created much more wisely than they did.

But there it is, and there they go. Hopefully, for their sake, to be a healthier and wiser team next season.


Meanwhile, LeBron & Co have more work to do.

Much more.