Kawhi Leonard Gets a Buzzer-Beatin' 4-Boinger to Fall; Toronto's in the Eastern Finals

Published on 12-May-2019 by Biff BoJock

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Kawhi Leonard Gets a Buzzer-Beatin'  4-Boinger to Fall; Toronto's in the Eastern Finals

Albert Einstein proved that at a certain point, time actually can stand still.

Everyone who witnessed the final moments of Game 7 in Toronto is a believer.

Kawhi Leonard's rainbow of a jumper from the deep right wing with the clock showing the Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers knotted at 90 touched lotsa orange upon arriving at the rim, delivering a pot of gold to the homeys.

But, damn! Those four bounces before gravity well and truly took over ...


Hard to believe, but the NBA's been around since 1946, and that's the first time in its history a Game 7's been decided by a buzzer-beater.

Remember, when Michael Jordan posterized Craig Ehlo for all eternity, it was in a first-round best-of-five format.


That was a stiletto compared to Leonard's broadsword.

The play, of course, was something Toronto practices, but who in the name of Elgin Baylor picks the wide right wing as their favorite destination for a shot of that magnitude?

Definitely not the OG wearing Blue Jersey No 76, even though he was open on the play:


OK, shame on the interviewer who just had to end with a marshmallow question that obliged Leonard to pull out the vanilla platitudes that every jock who makes good has to learn ...


Up until then, Leonard was giving a swell lecture on what makes a Killer J, implying fundamentals such as ...

  • Dude's snap off the index and big finger gave his shot the rotation necessary to deaden the ball on the rim, softening it up for a kind bounce or two or three or four.
  • His legs, even after 43 lunchbox minutes out there, still had enough energy to launch up and not out, as fatigue can often cause.


It was a fitting end to a battle of wills, which it had to be because, in the cold light of harsh reality, this was a sloppy game.

But it was still entertaining:


Notably, Joel Embiid went 6-18 from the field, Jimmy Butler was 5-14, and JJ Redick shot 5-11. Lotsa emptiness.

This one's gonna take some time to ... process.

In the other locker room, TO's gotta soak up the enjoyment quickly, because the Milwaukee Bucks are everything Leonard was careful to say they were, and there's no time like now to start preparing for a daunting task.

But from here on out, no matter what else happens, Raptor Nation -- literally, Canada -- will always have this, from coast to metric coast:


Their lore has been expanded.