It's Bombs Away as Dubs and Kings Sink 41 Treys

Published on 6-Jan-2019 by Biff BoJock

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It's Bombs Away as Dubs and Kings Sink 41 Treys

Ever watch team handball?

It's a kinda cross between hoops and hockey that's quite popular in other parts of the world.

These days, it's even starting to look like the future of basketball if The Onion ever gets to write the rulebook.

As in no one's allowed inside the arc unless they're dunking or striping.


Come to think of it, why not move the stripe out a little farther, too?


Somewhere, the ghost of spin-o-rama originator Denis Savard is shedding a tear of joy. Those spoilsports at the NHL may have banned it for shootouts, but the move lives on.

So does the evolution of hoops in that direction.

What else can one think when a pair of clubs go all-in from behind the arc?


NBA history was made last night when the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings treated the rim like it had bad breath or something.

Dudes poured in 41 threes combined from a mind-boggling 83 attempts in a regulation game, and not of H-O-R-S-E.

For the record -- figuratively speaking -- it was a 127-123 Dubs victory.


For their sake, the Knicks had best bring umbrellas.


Look at all these howitzers:


Full kudos for the accomplishment, but damn! At the cost of first attempts on 83 possessions?

And that's because it was a good day behind the arc for both squads:

  • Sac-Town was lights-out at 20-36 for a 55.6% clip, and
  • The Dubs shot 21-47 for their usual 44.7% night.

For context, the current league average for this season is hovering around 35%-38%.


This'll just be a further inspiration for those who shoot 5-37 or something out there and get praised for collecting 15 points from long distance.


There just isn't enough of Stephan Curry to go around, and that means empty possessions abound.

And to think the trey came to life as an attention-getting gimmick to get a rival league noticed.

So, congrats are indeed in order for the Dubs and Kings, but if the trend of spot-up scuds continues, someone oughta think about taking team handball to the big time in North America.