Donovan Mitchell Has an Historically Selfish Evening

Published on 17-Nov-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Donovan Mitchell Has an Historically Selfish Evening

By all accounts, Donovan Mitchell is considered an unselfish basketball player.

However, despite this fact, dude was somehow able to produce one of the most statistically selfish lines in NBA history.

On the surface, the 31 points scored by this esteemed Utah Jazz shooting guard seems just fine, but it's the manner in which he accumulated these points that was so disturbing.

The second-year Louisville product fired 35 shots against the Sixers in Philly, making 13 of them.

For those of you still in remedial math, that's a really low shooting percentage.


Please enjoy the following highlight package:


Now you must keep in mind, those were the 13 makes.

Missing from that clip were the 22 misses, including 10 from the land of plenty.

As ugly as that reads, it gets worse.


Somehow, Mitchell didn't record one single assist the entire game.


After consulting the archives, it seems a 35-shot, 0-assist performance hasn't occured since Carmelo Anthony -- who else? -- dropped 62 points on the Charlotte Bobcats back in 2014.


Indeed, this dime-free game from Mitchell is definitely Melo-approved.

That stat line probably produced a wink and a nod from Kobe Bryant, as well.


It doesn't even seem possible for a guard to play almost 34 minutes and not record a single assist, but Mitchell was able to pull it off.

Dude was reflective afterwards, clearly understanding the absurdity of that performance.

His teammates were supportive as well, so there shouldn't be any lingering effect going forward.

Hopefully, he won't go full Teen Wolf ever again.


Well, he did manage one assist in that montage.