Derrick Rose Was Born to Do This, According to Derrick Rose

Published on 14-Dec-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Derrick Rose Was Born to Do This, According to Derrick Rose

Sometimes it's easy to forget that Derrick Rose was the 2011 NBA MVP at a crazy young 22 years of age.

Much has gone down since those salad days with his hometown Chicago Bulls, but dude's still very much around.

The now 31-year-old Rose is a Detroit Piston for the moment and gave us some of the vintage stuff recently in NOLA against the Pelicans.

Let's go for a spin in the wayback machine, shall we?


D-Rose took full possession of a tightly contested fourth quarter with 15 large points, including this pointy dagger at the horn:


While the Pelicans play-by-play dude seemed pretty bummed out about the whole thing, the Pistons were rather pleased with the outcome.

Rose himself was practically oozing with confidence afterwards, providing this fabulous sound bite:


We'll both excuse his English and pardon his French, because he's dead serious.


The D-Rose game-winner was quite pretty, although he may want to pump the brakes on all that hubris.

However, we'd be remiss if we didn't take this opportunity to recall just how talented this dude was before injuries ravaged his knees and took away his hops.


That's the truth.