Angry White Dude: Don't Fool Yourself

Published on 23-Apr-2017 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: Don't  Fool Yourself

There's so much talk this season about who should win the NBA's MVP award.

  • Russell Westbrook's had a wonderful season -- averaging a triple double -- but his team stinks.
  • James Harden has changed his game and become an amazing all-around player and teammate, and his team is better then they were last season because of the changes he's made to his game.
  • Kawhi Leonard has taken his game to the next level just like his head coach said he could and would.  All three are worthy to be mentioned when talking about the MVP race.  Maybe even a few more could be mentioned. 

Sports fans, please don't fool yourself.

There is only one MVP.

There is only one best basketball player in the world. His name is LeBron James.

You cant name one player who's more important to his team than Mr James.

I know you hate him. I know you hate it when he takes games off during the meaningless NBA regular season. I know you hate the fact that he's probably the GM and Head Coach of the Cavaliers. You still hate The Decision.

Of course, you have to hate the fact that wherever he plays, his team is always in the Finals!

What he did last night to the Indiana Pacers in Game 3 of their first-round series is almost against the law:

Dude had himself a time:

  • 41 points
  • 13 rebounds
  • 12 assists
  • 2 blocks

That was the 17th triple-double of his post-season career. Overall, James scored or assisted on 73 points.

We all know that every team is seeking a Big 3. Seems like their chances of winning increase dramatically that way.

So, consider this:

In that game, the Cavaliers erased a 25-point halftime deficit -- the largest ever overcome in post-season history -- and did it with two of their Big 3 on the bench for the entire fourth quarter.

That's right. One of the greatest NBA comebacks ever occurred with LeBron James on the court every damn minute of the second half with his faithful sidekicks dodging splinters for the final 12 minutes.

How impressive is that?

What other player could've pulled off a performace like that?



LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world. Dude's without doubt the NBA's MVP.

Will he win the award? What do you think?

Just don't think for one minute there's another player more valuable than Mr James.

Why not stop hating and just start enjoying?