Yet Another Epic Crash at Talladega

Published on 10-May-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Yet Another Epic Crash at Talladega

Not to ruffle any feathers, but auto racing may not be the safest sport.

This is particularly true if you happen to be racing at Talladega.

The superspeedway in Alabama has been the site of many a grisly pile-up, and NASCAR enthusiasts and/or masochists were treated to yet another this past weekend at the legendary Geico 500.

As is typically the case, cars were circling the track at dangerously high speeds when a love tap turned into complete chaos.


Well, that's a real humdinger.

It appears the madness commenced when AJ Allmendinger nudged Chase Elliot ever so slightly towards the end of the race.

Of course, all manner of carnage ensued, with the aforementioned drivers absorbing the most punishment.

A total of 18 vehicles were involved, including the frustrated Danica Patrick, who was introduced to the inside wall rather forcefully.

While watching the wreck unfold in real time is grim enough, a slow motion perspective is much worse.

Fortunately, all the participants walked away from this mess, which is really hard to believe.

Also, Dale Jr barely missed out on the fun.

Game of inches, amirite?