V6 Turbo Tech Lures Honda Back to Formula 1

Published on 5-Mar-2013 by Alan Adamsson

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V6 Turbo Tech Lures Honda Back to Formula 1

Honda has finally found a reason to get back into the Formula 1 circuit.

Bluntly put, they think they can field a winner again.

While the company used the economic downturn of 2008 as a reason for withdrawing from Formula 1, many in the industry felt Honda had skulked away after poor performances in the first half of that season. While the team was saved by Ross Brawn, the Japanese titan had definitely sullied its reputation.

This opinion seemed to be reinforced in ensuing seasons. In Honda's defense, the effects of the recession were receding when rumors appeared in 2011 that it was angling for a re-emergence and looking for the right fit. The obvious choice was McLaren, with whom it had won four consecutive championships.

The focal point is Honda's V6 Turbo engine, which has performed well on the IndyCar circuit when those regulations mandated a downsize from V8's. Now that Formula 1 has followed suit, Honda has set the stage to make a formal announcement.

The decision to forgive and forget wasn't that difficult for McLaren. After all, Honda's Formula 1 budget before its exit was $300million and it maintained a staff of 700 people. Mercedes, on the other hand, was charging McLaren for its engines.

Meanwhile, Mercedes is showing quite well in its own right as the 2013 season approaches. But as its drivers keep an eye on the track, its engineers will be keeping a close watch on an old rival's preparations.



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