The Jimmie Johnson Trolling Expedition

Published on 26-Apr-2017 by Raoul Duke

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The Jimmie Johnson Trolling Expedition

Professional athletes make for very easy targets on social media.

Some choose not to participate, while others simply block or ignore the vitriol.

However, NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson has taken a different tact.

He trolls right back.

This is precisely how to handle Internet rift raft.

Here's a fairly benign example of this sort of direct engagement with the fans:

There you go.

Johnson claims to have never blocked a soul on social media, which if true, is pretty impressive.

His theory includes the popular stereotype of the online agitator sitting in his underwear in his parent's basement.

While not all trollers fit this specific description, it's amusing to see how Johnson handles the unwashed masses.

The seven-time NASCAR champion likes to do his own thing off the track as well, engaging in several sports that could potentially be harmful to his health.

If you don't like it, just troll him about it on the Twitter.

And remember to pay the toll.