No, Ryan Briscoe's Car Was Not Named Brad

Published on 29-Jun-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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No, Ryan Briscoe's Car Was Not Named Brad

So there he was, runnin' with the pack.

One lap to go in the MA TV 500, and a decent paycheck would be coming his way.

Instead, one of the other IndyCars came his way.

And the ride of a lifetime will, fortunately, last for a longer lifetime:

Why is it not a surprise that Juan Pablo Montoya was a part of this?

Ryan Hunter-Reay's recollection:

I wasn’t expecting Montoya to come up. I was just sitting next to, not sure, and waiting to get into Turn 1 and Montoya came right up and clipped the front of the car.

Obviously, Briscoe's flip was a tough one for the missus to watch:

Mrs Briscoe tweet

Feel free to name a time when pack racing is cool. They aren't exactly behaving the Blue Angels out there.

To these dudes, though, it was just another day at the office:

And so it goes. Another day and still in one piece.

Oh, yeah. And Bobby Rahal won.