Keith Olbermann Targets NASCAR And 'Big Hoss' On ESPN

Published on 28-Mar-2014 by Raoul Duke

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Keith Olbermann Targets NASCAR And 'Big Hoss' On ESPN

NASCAR has long provided a rather easy source for mocking, and their brand spanking new ‘Big Hoss’ racetrack big screen television is further proof of this idea.

During a Worst Person in Sports segment on his late-night ESPN program, Keith Olbermann decided to focus his wrath on Texas Motor Speedway president Eddie Gossage, who recently introduced ‘Big Hoss’ to the masses. Keith explained his grievance thusly:

"Here's the problem, you know what they show on it?" Olbermann asked bemusedly. “Auto racing. Because seeing faceless guys in helmets and visors driving for a few hours can't really be appreciated unless you see them on a giant television two-thirds the length of a football field with you guys staring up at it like the way devil worshipers stare at fires."

Although it's categorically unfair to classify each and every NASCAR fan as a mindless rube, which is what Olbermann essentially did, the man does have a point regarding the monotonous nature of auto racing. Perhaps it is an acquired taste, but the appeal of this sport has always been a profound mystery.

However, regarding the big screen, it does serve some practical purposes. Sure, it is oversized and not aesthetically pleasing in the slightest, but the jumbo television will provide fans with an opportunity to follow the race more effectively, which presumably poses something of a challenge for fans taking in a race live.

Olbermann has come full circle professionally, returning to the bosom of the ESPN mothership after several stops, including a lengthy run at MSNBC. His polarizing Countdown with Keith Olbermann was both loved and loathed, depending on your political affiliation. The Worst Person concept was used on the old MSNBC program and frequently awarded to right-wing ideologues such as Bill O’Reilly, among other deserving recipients.

Anyway, I wish NASCAR and ‘Big Hoss’ all the luck in the world.

In the meantime, I'm sure Olbermann will be able to locate more equally obvious sports-themed targets for his hyperbole in the future.