Carl Long's Confusing Return to the NASCAR Cup Series

Published on 15-May-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Carl Long's Confusing Return to the NASCAR Cup Series

Welcome back to the NASCAR Cup Series, Carl Long.

This persistent dude was fined $200,000 by NASCAR back in 2009 for some sort of rules infraction.

Since he couldn't raise the funds to pay said fine, Long was subsequently banished from the Cup Series, until the benevolent overlords of NASCAR decided to commute the sentence for this season.

However, despite this good fortune, Long immediately encountered more issues before his very first race back in the fold.

Long was finally able to secure a sponsor in the form of the Colorado-based Veedverks, a company that appears to be in the vaping and/or medical marijuana game.

It was initially reported that NASCAR put the kibosh on this idea before the race and asked Long to remove the logo from his car.

However, it's since been revealed that NASCAR had in fact approved the sponsor beforehand, but that Long and his team had misspelled the name of the company.

Here's a peek at the poor dude's sponsorless car:

Despite all this weirdness, Long did manage to finish 31st in the drama-drenched Go Bowling 400.

It definitely went better than the 2004 Subway 400.

Bad craziness.