Yankees to A-Rod: Prove You Were Hurt

Published on 18-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Yankees to A-Rod: Prove You Were Hurt

Alex Rodriguez can't seem to catch a break.

Tonight, he gets pegged by Boston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster; it actually took the hurler four shots to nail him. New York manager Joe Girardi was yelling at plate umpire Brian O'Nora to issue warnings after the first heaters sailed close to his hitter. When Dempster finally found his mark, the Yankee skipper charged from the dugout demanding Dempster's ejection.

The Sox starter stayed in the game. Girardi didn't.

Here's one of the near misses and  the 3-0 pitch that did the job:

A-Rod would later return the favor by hiting a home run. 

And earlier in the day, MLB's most notorious current villain acknowledged he's no longer on speaking terms with the Yankees front office.

A-Rod is fighting allegations from the New York Yankees that he's lying about his injuries. His lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, alleged Saturday -- and that's putting it mildly -- that the Yankees tried to keep their third baseman off the field by feeding him false information about his injury.

The Yankees are crying bull**** and are now challenging A-Rod to release his medical records. 

“The one medical issue we can’t confirm is [Rodriguez's] treatment by Dr. Anthony Galea. We obviously didn’t know he was being treated by Dr. Galea,”  said Yankees president Randy Levine to ESPNNewYork.com in a phone interview. “We didn’t authorize it. Since [Rodriguez] has put his condition into play, he should release his records with Galea.”

Well, A-Rod is about to take the Yankees up on their offer. Late tonight, news broke that he plans to file a grievance against the team. 

To add fuel to the fire, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said he was lied to by A-Rod. He claims the slugger said he agreed with Yankees doctors about his condition and wouldn't seek a second opinion. Obviously, not true. 

This A-Rod story is better than any reality show or soap opera on television. You have the unpopular baseball star accused of taking drugs to improve his performance seemingly thumbing his nose at Major League Baseball and his current team.

Meanwhile, you have the evil empire having to pay out their fallen star kajillions as he sits on the bench most of the season and deal with his bad attitude.  

Man, what a show that would make!

Someone get Bravo or MTV on the phone, quick!

I think we have a hit on our hands; the Real Yankees of the NYC would make a helluva show.

If only the audience would believe it.