Yankees Count on Chapman Not Choking

Published on 28-Dec-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Yankees Count on Chapman Not Choking

Where to go when a player is deemed too hot to handle by the club with an unlimited payroll?

Where else?

The most dangerous city in America.

New York and Aroldis Chapman are a match made in ... well, let's be frank, here.

If ever there was a team in dump mode, it's the Cincinnati Reds. What's the difference between that and rebuilding?

Time for a simile:

Odds of the four prospects on their way to Cincinnati morphing into Lou Brocks or Ryne Sandbergs are slim and none. And Slim left town.

Meanwhile, the Bombers seem to have completed their quest for six-inning games.

Now, all Chapman and his high-end shingle have to do is navigate through the minefield that scared off the Dodgers:

Well, there is that.

Meanwhile, the Cubs, Cardinals, and Pirates get to fatten their divisional records and get an inside track on the NL's two wild card slots in the process.