Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Beat: Bad Luck Plagues Cellar Dwellers

Published on 15-Jul-2015 by Spock1

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Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Beat: Bad Luck Plagues Cellar Dwellers

My trials and tribs as a fantasy baseball owner in the Yahoo circuit continue.


I'm pleased to report my big roster shakeup that was well overdue paid dividends.

It delivered positive results in Week 12 on the fantasy field in the form of sorely needed victories. After a dismal 1-9 in Week 11, my club roared to a 6-3 finish against the notorious CMJ's tenth-place crew.

Though not quite enough to get my club out of last place, this success did reduce the distance in overtaking eleventh-place Jr's Expert team. Substantially, in fact: from ten games to five. You woulda thought I was the Pittsburgh Pirates chasing down St Louis!

Unfortunately, Week 13 against the dreaded first-place Mark's Team did not begin auspiciously.

Perhaps Hobbits' as pitch hitters would gain a lot of walks.

El Smacko Grande.

However, I do entertain every hope that things will improve for my fantasy team for this reason: nearly halfway into the season, I'm beginning to figure this game out.

That's more than Ruben Amaro Jr can say.

Because fantasy league results appear to be coordinated with what happens to your roster's players during their real life MLB games -- almost in real time -- the key to performing better is to keep an eye on which of your players are active and playing that day, such as when it was Ryan Vogelsong's turn to pitch in Miami.

As they say on Wall Street, though, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

This, unfortunately, was not a photo of future results, but we will take the past performance:

Just an old softy for Vogelsong, killing G-fans softly.

Must've been jet lag on a travel day.

Only four of my Giants-laden team were active. Bummer.

Nevertheless, my assault on Mark's Team goes on.