World Series Game 3: The Metpire Strikes Back

Published on 31-Oct-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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World Series Game 3: The Metpire Strikes Back

It may not have been Asgård, but the hammer came down in the Apple.

All sorts of hammers, in fact.

And it's just what the New York Mets needed to get back in the Series.

Down two games to none, the Amazin's got a couple of bombs and shutdown heat from the third inning onward to stick it to Kansas City, 9-3:

The game was also notable for a couple of sidebars:

  • An early pinch-hitting situation allowed Royals manager Ned Yost the occasion to send 20-year-old Raúl A Mondesí to the plate, thus becoming the first rookie to make his debut in a World Series game, which virtually overshadowed the fact he was overmatched by Noah Syndergaard, fanning on four pitches.
  • Then there's the World Series cicada, Juan Uribe, finding his way on a Fall Classic roster every five years. In 2005, it was the White Sox and in 2010, the Giants. Dude's got two rings to show for it, so maybe Mets skipper Terry Collins added him out of superstition. Still, he's useful.

Meanwhile, the dude they call Thor stablized New York's mound effort, not to mention setting the tone:

Syndergaard is of Danish heritage -- originally Søndergård, it translates poorly; sønder = probing and gård = yard -- and while hammer is seamhead slang for a curve ball, Norse legend's god of the skies would be proud of that 100mph lightning the lanky right-hander serves up.

Just know the hammer's called Mjölnir, and only the most worthy can lift it ... or the most mechanically inclined:

Anyway, Syndergaard made Royals bats feel that heavy throughout the middle innings. As a result, New York's got a shot at tying the Series in Game 4.