Why Royals Won Game 2: They Played Better

Published on 23-Oct-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Why Royals Won Game 2: They Played Better

Sometimes, all a baseball manager really needs to do is turn in his lineup card and watch the game.

Even a World Series game.

Yes, they'll call pitches, but even those are based on extensive scouting reports that they've reviewed with the night's battery. So there's little if any deviance from the script.

Last night, San Francisco's Bruce Bochy and Kansas City's Ned Yost could simply be thankful they didn't have to fork out $6000 for front-row seats for Game 2.

If either skipper had second thoughts about a move, it might have been Bochy. Giants fireballer Hunter Strickland had a decent season in the bullpen, but he's been Gopher Central in the playoffs. The 26-year-old rook had already served up four fat ones in the post-season and kept the trend intact last night.

Among other things.

Well, at least there's a sidebar now as the Series heads to San Francisco for the weekend.

As to Yost's comment about managing the game? Yes. Yes he was. He may be known for making decisions from the Twilight Zone, but in Game 2 -- for everyone except Strickland -- quirk took a break.