Vlad 2.0 Goes Walk-Off Yard in Montréal

Published on 28-Mar-2018 by J Square Humboldt

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Vlad 2.0 Goes Walk-Off Yard in Montréal

One swing can sure bring back a hella lotta memories.

Especially when it's the last pitch of a two-game exhibition series designed to rekindle MLB's interest in returning to a city it never shoulda left.

Not sure who was happier with that swing:


Vlad the Dad happened to be where any father would.

Nearby, with video rolling:


Clearly, Vlad the Younger had one of the best mentors available.

He must've seen highlights like these a kajillion times, complete with a first-hand narration that covered every little detail as to how it's all done:


The English-speaking broadcasters alluded to being speechless, and then continued speaking.


The Québecois announcers harbored no such illusions. This was a moment joyeux, and they were gonna savor it on behalf of baseball fans everywhere:


Vlad the Younger's MLB highlight reel has its first entry, and he's not even in the MLB yet.

From the looks of things, he will be. Soon.