Ump Ejects Fan: Philadelphia's Reputation Enhanced

Published on 2-Aug-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Ump Ejects Fan: Philadelphia's Reputation Enhanced

Oh, yes he can!

Anyone attending a baseball game -- especially a major league game -- is subject to an umpire's discretion.

That would include wrath.

So, do know there's a fine line out there.

Granted, it may be a high bar, but not so high that Philadelphia won't have a fan to clear it, not even in happy times. Take tonight's game against the San Francisco Giants, for instance:

Bob Davidson obviously wanted to keep the proceedings a family-friendly show.

Fan ejection narrative

Again, dude's well within his authority.

Here's an excerpt from, where Tom Sheppard -- Director of Umpire Administration -- holds court:

Can Major League umpires eject a fan? If so, how?
-- TF

Umpires are entrusted with maintaining discipline and order on the playing field, and sometimes fans can interfere with order on the field. Security at the Major League level normally precludes the necessity of an umpire causing a fan to be removed, but this does happen on rare occasion. Umpires are thick-skinned by nature and ignore comments-however inflammatory-from fans.

In other words ...

Especially Davidson.

This wasn't his first rodeo. Here's a clip from a 2010 game between the St Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers:

Freedom of speech may be a Constitutional right, but just like all the others listed there, it's subject to regulation.

Seems like a few dudes should remember that before they go shooting off their mouths.