Tulo Who? New Rox SS Keeps Dishing Dingers

Published on 9-Apr-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Tulo Who? New Rox SS Keeps Dishing Dingers

One of the major deals at last season't non-waiver trade deadline was the Colorado Rockies sending face-of-the-franchise Troy Tulowitzki north of the border.

The aftermath?

Needless to say, Rox GM Jeff Bridich was either a rube or had a clue what was coming from the farm.

That answer was revealing itself in spring training:

Well, as the Chambers Brothers said and the Ramones repeated, time has come today.

And it just keeps on coming.

Dude popped a couple more in Phoenix to put himself in the record books:

Trevor Story

Jayson Stark tweet

And then, Story finally got a chance to see what hitter-friendly Coors Field was like.

It was, like, more of the same.

What's more, dude can pick it.


Seems like the only thing Story's missing is Reyes' contract.

Virtually every ballplayer has hot and cold streaks during a season, but it doesn't hurt the Rockies' box office or Bridich's reputation to have the rook light it up early.

What's promising here is Story's blasts have come from a variety of pitches in different regions of the zone. He's got oppo power, too, which keeps sequences and defensive sets honest.

Humidor or no, Story's got half his games a mile above sea level, so until or unless opponents find his cold spots, dude's promising future has suddenly become a productive now.