Trade Deadline Approaching; GMs Go Poaching

Published on 22-Jul-2015 by Trent Jackson

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Trade Deadline Approaching; GMs Go Poaching

With the 31 July no-waiver trade deadline just a week and a half a way, many of MLB General Managers will be making their moves.

Some will begin a final push toward October, while others will cut their losses and pursue their 2016 line-ups. A few will stand pat.

In any case, it should be an exciting ten days with big names being tossed around.

The Cincinnati Reds, while just a few games below .500, are already done like dinner this season.

They're currently sitting 16 games behind the utterly dominant St Louis Cardinals, and their Wild Card prospects -- as Joel Sherman mentioned in the video -- are beyond bleak. That being the case, they'll be listening when others come calling for top talent. These include:

  • Johnny Cueto: Clearly ace potential, Cueto finds himself suffering with the Reds through little fault of his own. Currently owning a 2.79 ERA, Cueto has only managed a 6-6 record, seeing as Cincinnati lies 11th in runs scored in the NL this year. A trade involving Cueto should be a win-win. He could land on a team with better offense to help him grab deserving wins, and the Reds could get a pretty penny and/or offensive improvement in the deal.
  • Brandon Phillips: One of the high points in their lineup and an incredible defensive second baseman, Phillips is currently rocking a .279/.317/.683 slash in the leadoff spot. The Yankees have been patching up their 2B position since they lost Robinson Canó and could be looking at a long-term solution. The Royals could also be a bidder if Omar Infante continues to swing balsa wood. Either one of these teams could offer some serious coin, or prospects that could help the Reds in the future.

The Reds aren't very likely to give up Todd Fraizer, the home-town hero of the HR Derby, or their favorite flame-throwing closer Aroldis Chapman, who's another crowd favorite, although he'll draw tempting offers if they do consider letting him go.

The Detroit Tigers have been sending mixed signals, so maybe they're in budget mode. Even though they're not confirming anything officially, it appears they'll be listening when feelers are placed involving these two impact players:

  • David Price: Dude seems to be their only pitcher worth starting these days, but the Tigers can't hope to make the playoffs if they can only rely on a guy every fifth game. Price has a solid 2.32 ERA on the year and a 9-3 record. Unfortunately the rest of the starting rotation, including Justin Verlander, Alfredo Simón, and AAAA Shane Greene haven't been able to lock down the rest of the week. Despite sufficient run support, the pitching staff isn't helping their October odds. In trading Price, the Tigers could potentially acquire more pitching depth in both their rotation and bullpen.David Price
  • Yoenis Cespedes: One of the highlights of the Tigers' offense, dude's certainly done his part to help Detroit's play-off push. While his bat has proved valuable, the Tigers aren't starving for runs, and they need defense. That's where Cespedes comes up short. Allowing Cespedes to go can free up cash for pitching and help tighten down the D on a team that's been leaking more runs than an Eight Mile flophouse.

The list goes on, and it won't be long before we see what MLB's movers and shakers have up their sleeves.