Tinseltown Teams Go 1-1 on Walk-Off Ricochets

Published on 3-May-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Tinseltown Teams Go 1-1 on Walk-Off Ricochets

On a day when the Kentucky Derby was run, did a couple of baserunners decide to show solidarity with the racehorses that wore blinders?

How else to explain their being so oblivious to the most fundamental object in baseball?

That, of course, would be the ball.

Runners are to avoid it, especially when batted and a fielder has occasion to make a play on it. Baseball's Rule 5.09(f) is Biblically adamant on that point, as it is about every rule it pontificates.

Most do. But every now and then, someone strays. It's like driving while texting.

What are the chances, though, that this happens twice in the same day, affecting two teams from the same metro area?

Angels v Giants ... Halos' pinch-runner Tyler Featherstone represents the tying run with two out in the ninth inning. A pinch-runner, for chrissakes! Wasn't his job description specific enough?

Maybe San Francisco second baseman Joe Panik makes the play; maybe he doesn't. It's academic at this point. What's certain, though, is why Featherstone was available in the Rule 5 draft.

Why is it not a surprise that he came from the Chicago Cubs organization?

Diamondbacks v Dodgers ... With two gone in the ninth and Colorado trailing, 6-4, Jordan Pacheco was off to the races, so to speak, on a hit-&-run with David Peralta. Stop, look, and listen, dude: