Tim Lincecum: Modern Day Christy Mathewson?

Published on 10-Jul-2014 by Spock1

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Tim Lincecum: Modern Day Christy Mathewson?

Tim Lincecum and Christy Mathewson are in a league of their own as the only two Giants pitchers in the Orange & Black's grand and glorious history to ever hurl not one, but two no-hitters.

But how much do they really have in common?

Had manager John McGraw not been so stuck-up in 1904 -- when he refused to play the rival American League Boston Americans because they were as yet not sexy enough in his eyes -- Christy, like Timmy, could have sported two World Series rings earlier in his career than he did.

The Big Six and the Freak - both fierce competitors

Both had smashing first World Series appearances with championship teams. Timmy won two games in 2010 with none lost in 13+ innings and a 3.12 ERA, while Christy won three games with 27 innings pitched and a 0.00 ERA.

Tim and Christy are only Giants to throw 2 no-hitters

That's no misprint. Mathewson finally got his World Series ERA going, barely, in 1911, 1912, and 1913 where he recorded; 2.00, 0.94 and 0.95 respectively in what were World Series losses for the New York Giants.

The Freak and the Christian Gentlman forever linked in baseball history