Tigers' Martín Takes a Nard Shot, Then Delivers a Deep Shot

Published on 25-Apr-2018 by Alan Adamsson

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Tigers' Martín Takes a Nard Shot, Then Delivers a Deep Shot

It's a fact of physics that no ballplayer's gonna dispute.

A pitched baseball gains velocity after being struck by a batted ball.

Even when the drag of ground impact is taken into account, no one's gonna dispute that the baseball's moving pretty damn fast.

That would include Detroit's Leonys Martín.


Toss in the fact that it's called hardball for a reason, and the obviosity of advising that players wear cups to protect their soft tissue becomes abundantly apparent.

Some players ignore that vital piece of equipment at their peril.

It kinda looks like Martín was one of them, and yet he recovered enough to typify the incredible competitive spirit of athletes at the elite level:


Like, damn.

Dude's next step is best left to his own devices.


If it'll help, we've got a T-shirt for him over at our Fanorama store to provide inspiration.

In all aspects of the term.

As for immediate fact-checking ...

At least he knows all is in order when sprinting and sliding:

And Martín's confirmed he's got staying power of sorts.

Dude ripped another dinger in the double-header's second game, too.


Nice recovery, in all aspects of the term.

This wasn't his first comeback, as it were, but it's probably his best.