The White Sox: Your Triple Play Machine

Published on 19-May-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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The White Sox: Your Triple Play Machine

Stuff just happens in a 162-game season.

That's why it's damn near a promo when we hear that if we go to the ballpark on any given day, we might see something that's never been seen before.

Well, that was the case on Fri 22 Apr when the Chicago White Sox complete a triple-play sequence that was an MLB first:

The ChiSox got busy again last night.

It's on tap, but first, a word from their sponsor:


Two trips in one season.

But that's not the first time the White Sox have done it, and that's not the last time it was done.

  • The Pale Hose did this sort of double back in 2006; but
  • The Phillies complete a pair of them in 2007.

What's more, none of those are a season's record. In 1979, both the Red Sox and Athletics snapped off three of them.

So, for now, we'll have to look elsewhere for something we haven't seen before.

How about Japan?

Top that, Joey Bats!

Then again, don't.