The Pittsburgh Pirates Are Scouring the Globe for Talent

Published on 28-Apr-2017 by Raoul Duke

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The Pittsburgh Pirates Are Scouring the Globe for Talent

Baseball has truly become a global enterprise.

One team in particular is going to great lengths to ensure it stays that way.

Someone named Dovydas Neverauskus recently debuted for the Pittsburgh Pirates out of their multi-cultural bullpen.

Dude happens to be from Lithuania.

In case you haven't guessed, he would be the first such player in MLB history.

Neverauskus was granted access to the mound late in a blowout loss to the Chicago Cubs.

Here he is, fanning Ben Zobrist for his first MLB strikeout:

As far as we know, Zobrist was born in the USA.

This is certainly a lovely story, but fate and irony have intervened.

The Pirates recently sent the Lithuanian back to the minors and called up a fellow named Gift Ngoepe.

Yes, the name is Gift.

When the utility infielder entered a game against those very same Cubs, he became the first African born player in MLB history.

Dude also collected his first hit off Jon Lester:

Nicely done.

The Pirates will no doubt continue to search other ports of call in the name of diversity.

As we all know, Lithuania is the Dominican Republic of Europe.