The Marlins Find Yet Another Way to Lose a Ballgame

Published on 6-Jul-2018 by Raoul Duke

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The Marlins Find Yet Another Way to Lose a Ballgame

The Miami Marlins have committed to playing bad baseball with a single-minded focus and ferocity.

In fact, it's almost admirable.

Don Mattingly and his merry band made us proud yet again just the other night in DC against the Nationals.

Somehow, our heroes managed to blow a 9-0 fourth-inning lead.


Well, yes.

That aforementioned nine-run lead was quickly erased by the Nats, who inexplicably scored 14 consecutive runs en route to a 14-12 win over the helpless-as-small-children Marlins.


Yeah, we all may have just thrown up in our mouths after hearing this unsettling news.

And it's not like the Nationals have been setting MLB ablaze recently, either.

Actually, they'd lost 17 of their previous 22 games before the Marlins came to town with that magic elixir.

That makes 12 consecutive wins for the Nats against Miami, which seems like a lot.


Nationals shortstop Trea Turner was certainly pleased to see the Marlins, homering twice while driving in an absurd eight runs from the lead-off spot, which is just plain silly.

Improbably, the MLB franchise based in Miami only has the worst record in the National League, but not all of baseball.

A moment of silence for the Orioles, Royals and White Sox, who are historically bad in this Year of our Lord 2018.


But let's see them piss away a nine-run lead.