The Mariners Are Anti-Plethora

Published on 6-Oct-2017 by Alan Adamsson

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The Mariners Are Anti-Plethora

For the 20 MLB teams that didn't make the post-season, scheming and plotting for the 2018 season got an early start.

For the Seattle Mariners, that could read the usual start.

They've got the longest playoff drought in the game.

It's 16 seasons and counting.

It wasn't exactly a terrible season for Seattle. They were in the wild card hunt until a late September fade, winding up 78-84 and seven games outta the second wild card spot.

That's actually the issue. The Mariners have perfected mediocrity.

So, with one year as their GM in the books, what's Jerry DiPoto gonna do to shake things up?

Apparently, not much.

seattle mariners jerry dipoto plethora


OK, so we know that Pepe won't be working for the Mariners anytime soon.

Can't say that he didn't try, though.

Maybe he should lend them his sombrero. Seems like they might need it for at least another year.