The John Smoltz Pitching Symposium

Published on 26-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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The John Smoltz Pitching Symposium

John Smoltz was a great pitcher, as evidenced by his induction into the Baseball Hall Of Fame in 2015.

However, dude may actually be a better analyst.

Marmaduke has been the keynote speaker every night during the MLB post-season, and his insights into pitching continue to flow freely.

Listen to this dude drop some baseball science in the studio:

Many game and studio analysts are hit or miss, and there are numerous examples of a former player who clearly understands the game but can't quite articulate the knowledge.

Paging Cal Ripkin ... 

Of course, you should never assume that a great player automatically possesses knowledge of his particular sport.

Would Joe Morgan please pick up the red courtesy phone?

Harold Reynolds, your dry cleaning is ready.

Professor Smoltz provides a glimpse into the mind of the pitcher and is able to explain these concepts in a way us dopey lay people can understand.

It's sorta like listening to Pete Rose explain hitting, only a bit more coherent and with significantly less slapstick.

Smoltzie has been a welcome addition to the booth and will hopefully remain there indefinitely.

After the World Series, make sure to check him out at a university near you, where he will be guest lecturing.