The Japanese Babe Ruth Is Now an Angel

Published on 8-Dec-2017 by Alan Adamsson

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The Japanese Babe Ruth Is Now an Angel

Looking back, you've gotta wonder if Shohei Ohtani wasn't just pwning teams all along.

It'd be hard to blame the dude, given his situation.

Since MLB and Nippon Baseball have restricted his earning power with their arcane transfer system, which will be updated next season but won't be much better.

So why not lead all the drooling suitors down a primrose path before making an announcement?

It'll be fun finding out.

When Ohtani's agent announced the teams in the running, all but Texas and the Chicago Cubs were on the West Coast. That's when eyebrows were raised.

Were the Cubbies on the list as a tease? The Rangers' presence made sense; they had the most international bonus money to spend. Both the Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners were stocking up on it in order to offer more.

Ultimately, the extra dosh mighta been the tipping point for Ohtani to join Mike Trout and make the Halos matter again.


Manager Mike Scioscia worked minor miracles last season, keeping Los Angeles in the wild card hunt until the final throes of the season despite one of those rosters that looked good on paper and appalling in play.

That's not to mention losing Mike Trout for almost a quarter of the season.

Ohtani will be roundly welcomed by this franchise more than most.

The Angels and their fans will have visions of more than sugar plums dancing under their caps this holiday season.

Dude's a no-brainer in the Angels' rotation.

The juggling will come on the days when he's a hitter. He'll be in three-player mix for DH/1B; the question will be how often. This alone will make the club's spring training worth watching.