Thank You, Alex Anthopolous

Published on 6-Nov-2015 by RazzleDazzle

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Thank You, Alex Anthopolous

Dear Alex Anthopolous, 

Toronto is not going to be the same without you.

You lifted a mediocre team into AL East champions in your time here, which is shorter than we all hoped.

You brought pride and made watching baseball at 7:00pm daily a ritual.

Thank you for showing the world how great of a city Toronto is and how they can attract top-tier players. Watching David Price and Troy Tulowitzki wearing Toronto blue is a sight we'll never forget. Kids, students, and adults looked up to you as their role model and thank you for teaching us hard work is all you need.

You turned a franchise around, you turned a country around, and we are all very thankful. 

By being Canadian, you showed us that we can also achieve success in a dominantly American sport. Watching you celebrate after winning the American League East is something none of us will forget.

Your passion, your drive, and your belief in our city, our team and more importantly, the great country of Canada has shown your genuine love for this city

We wish you all the success you deserve and a contract that satisfies your needs. You will never be forgotten in this country, and you will never be forgotten when looking back at the all-time Blue Jays greats.

Seeing you leave is a tough pill to swallow, and all we can say is thank you, thank you a million times. See you when we see you.

Cheers, Alex.

From everyone in Canada