Sympathy for the Dodgers

Published on 6-Nov-2015 by Spock1

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Sympathy for the Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the latest examples of living proof that -- unless you're the Black Sox -- you can't buy a World Series championship.

And in reality, the 1919 White Sox sold it.

Still, with three consecutive titles, the Dodgers have clearly shown that you can at least purchase division championships. 

Dodgers payroll

As much as seeing LA win the NL West again is irksome for the San Francisco Giants and their fans, the NorCals can at least console themselves that when they had their three chances, they capitalized on them, big time.

Giants World Series rings

But when it came to dishing out the dosh, the 2015 the Dodgers were in fact the No 1 team in the National League.

By comparison, the Giants' payroll for 2015 was a distant second in spending in the National League.

Even though it isn't exactly in Wal-Mart territory, their southern rivals certainly flaunted their deeper pockets. How much deeper? Try over $50million dollars separating first and second place on the NL's big spender index.

So all LA's really shown is that crazy payrolls aren't a shortcut. They're more like the wages of baseball sin.

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