Stanton Blast Provides Effective Counterpoint

Published on 11-Jul-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Stanton Blast Provides Effective Counterpoint

There's a reason experts are called experts.

They're often reviled when some player, team, or event defies the odds, but they usually have a body of work to support their status.

In the matter of Miami's Giancarlo Stanton, though, most observers agree with the experts.

Dude's a ball-blasting stud.

Besides, give Stanton props for not only taking an 88mph fastball to the face and returning -- wearing a too-cool helmet for a while -- to face even faster fastball and send them far, far away.

Granted, the Marlins' thumper got off to a slow start this season, but did anyone doubt he'd soon right the battleship and go on a tear?

OK, this free-speech advocate did. The irony of his timing was impeccable:

Judging from that fan's premature exclamation, the dinger in question was probably his first of the evening:

Or, in Stanton's case, an astronaut.