Seattle's Keon Broxton Gets Ejected for Batting Glove Malfeasance

Published on 28-Aug-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Seattle's Keon Broxton Gets Ejected for Batting Glove Malfeasance

If you really pay attention to the game every day, you'll likely see something you've never seen before.

You know, like a ballplayer almost blinding an umpire with his batting gloves.

In the second inning of a game against the loaded New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners outfielder Keon Broxton was at the plate trying desperately to improve on his sub-.200 batting average when things somehow got worse.

Predictably, Broxton got caught looking, which sent him into a bit of a tizzy.


This was a particularly acute case of the Mondays, as the 29-year-old journeyman started flinging equipment all over the yard.

Here are some moving pictures and commentary, courtesy of our good friends at Jomboy Media:


That's a remarkable piece of video.


While the called third strike was horrifically bad, the ejection was certainly justified.



Broxton should probably win some sort of award for that spectacular no-look glove toss though, but instead he'll be receiving the lovely parting gift of a two-game suspension.

Much obliged, MLB.


This calls to mind a much nastier incident in the NFL, but with the roles reversed:


Sadly, things didn't end well for Orlando Brown.

Meanwhile, if Broxton wants to challenge an umpire to a duel, there are much better ways to go about it.


Glove slap, baby!