Some Orioles Players Get Trapped in Toronto Freight Elevator

Published on 23-Jul-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Some Orioles Players Get Trapped in Toronto Freight Elevator

The Baltimore Orioles' baseball season from hell is continuing unabated as the second half begins.

Somehow, things seem to be getting worse, and not just on the field.

Recently, after a spirit-crushing walk-off loss in Toronto, Adam Jones and the really not good Chris Davis found themselves stuck in a freight elevator for 30 minutes at the team hotel.

That's just not fair.


Fortunately, this perpetual misery was documented by the resourceful Jones.


The tension was palpable.


Karma is clearly a thing that exists, as the Orioles must have surely pissed off one of the gods at some point.

The Birds are currently on pace to lose a mind-boggling 115 games, and that's not even taking the Manny Machado trade into consideration.

Incredibly, the Orioles were losing game after game with Machado in the lineup every day.

It's about to get much worse.


Hopefully, these dudes can flee Toronto and get back into the United States without further incident.


Careful, boys.