SF Giants So Far: Not Nearly As Bad As They Were Last Year

Published on 11-Aug-2014 by Spock1

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SF Giants So Far: Not Nearly As Bad As They Were Last Year

After a pitiful end to a once promising road trip courtesy of those pesky Royals, San Francisco Giants fans must have been relieved when they saw management finally make a trade for a slugger to get them to the postseason,


Adam Duvall and Travis Ishikawa aren't exactly going to exact fear from opposing pitching.

One can picture a Dodger fan or two laughing their sox off as the Orange & Black bring up comparative toothpicks to combat the Bums’ big paycheck lumber

So here lie the Giants. In the here-and-now, the club resides firmly in second place in the West Division. As lousy as they've been playing, they’re lucky to be there. At this rate, however, San Francisco will not even be there for much longer.

Well, he's no Dan Uggla

The new mantra for the Orange & Black faithful is, They’re not nearly as bad as last year. The 2014 San Francisco Giants … they may make the playoffs, as a wild card. Then again, maybe they won’t.

Travis can field but will he hit?

One thing they do know for certain; Pablo Sandoval won’t go hungry next year.