Ryan Braun: Fool Us Once, Shame on Us; Fool Us Twice ...

Published on 23-Jul-2013 by Chips 10

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Ryan Braun: Fool Us Once, Shame on Us; Fool Us Twice ...

Ryan Braun, the Milwaukee slugger who claimed his innocence in a smug press conference in 2012, will always be known as a piece of garbage and a cheater.

As you know, Braun was suspended by Major League Baseball for the rest of the season because of the Biogenesis investigation.

He'd been suspended in 2012 -- after his MVP season -- but beat it on a technicality. This time, though, Major League Baseball had too much evidence on him and there was no way out for the dirty Braun.

As a result of his 'escape' in the first incident, the Milwaukee Brewer outfielder got his collector fired, along with the arbitrator who was involved in handing down and overturning the suspension. All along, Braun professed his innocence and continued to collect his $8.5million salary until the day he was suspended.

This suspension will cost him $3.4million, but Braun will be able to play next year, and his salary will be even higher in 2014. The Brewers have to feel cheated, as now they have to pay him even though his statistics will most likely tail off when he comes back next year. Braun is signed through 2020 and is one of the reasons the Brewers chose not to make a competitive offer for Prince Fielder when he left for Detroit.  How do you think the front office feels now?

Words for people like Braun, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Manny Ramirez, and Alex Rodriquez are losers, cheaters, and stealers, but the sad thing is they have all made so much money that they don't have to worry about a thing for the rest of their lives. Braun is marrying model Larisa Fraser and most of the others can date whomever they want , but the fans have had enough of all of them.

Their lives are tainted now, and they have to live with it forever.

Who is the next piece of garbage to get suspended? Nelson Cruz has been mentioned, and the Rangers are worried. One-time loser Bartolo Colón is having another great year in Oakland, but he is allegedly on the list along with another one-time loser Melky Cabrera. The Yankees, who have had many juicers over the years -- including Mr Teflon Lite, Andy Pettitte -- have Rodriguez and Francisco Cervelli on the list; ironically, they would love to see A-Rod suspended to save them some money.

Enjoy your summer, Ryan Braun. I hope it's lonely, and every time you see a fan, you'll think they're saying something about you or have a disgusted look concerning you.

They are and they do ,and you know what? You deserve it!