Royals Series Dreamers: No Way Gordon Scores

Published on 31-Oct-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Royals Series Dreamers: No Way Gordon Scores

World Series as clickbait.

Who woulda thought?

That's got to be the only logical reason why there's afterburn in Alex Gordon being gifted two bases on San Francisco CF Gregor Blanco's error that stretched his single into a last-gasp bit of Series tension.

There's a case being made that Gordon shoulda tried to keep going. Come on.

Giants shortstop and erstwhile relay dude Brandon Crawford had fielded the throw a step or so Gordon had reached third. Crawford is one of the best infielders in the game; the odds of his making a poor throw home are worse than playing the over when Madison Bumgarner is pitching in a playoff game.

And Madison Bumgarner was pitching in this playoff game.

Even probability übergeek Nate Silver joined Kansas City's contingent of wishful thinkers -- and frustrated punters -- in refusing to abandon all hope. Gordon woulda been out by a country mile. Not even Ned Yost and his staff were that quirky.

The most difficult skill in any sport is treating any action as if that 0.0001% chance of something strange happening actually happens. How many Star Trek episodes have to be seen before that fact registers?

Moral of the story and ulitmate life lesson: Do not be the dude in the red shirt.

Not even if Salvador Perez is up next.

Woulda been all trick and no treat.