NLCS: Báez Rips Two Dingers; Cubs Stay Alive

Published on 19-Oct-2017 by Alan Adamsson

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NLCS: Báez Rips Two Dingers; Cubs Stay Alive

As an aside, Chicago Cubs skipper Joe Maddon is 2-2 in the National League Championship Series.

That's not the Fuzzies' record in it.

They're 1-3, thanks to winning a close one in Game 5.

It's Maddon's numbers for games where he's stuck around to see the finish.

At least Maddon hung around long enough to view the five bombs -- solo shots each -- that accounted for every run in this 3-2 game that enabled his club to fight another day.

There wasn't much doubt the wind at Wrigley was blowing out.

Maddon's put together a couple of interesting ejections:

  • His dismissal in Game 2 had no point. Why argue with umpires when decisions were rendered from on high at MLB's replay central?
  • When did he ever think he'd have to argue a foul tip that was overturned by the blue dude in left field?

Billy Martin would've been proud.

So would Earl Weaver.

Maddon's got a long way to go.