Nelson Cruz Pulls the Old Fake Mound Charge

Published on 22-Jul-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Nelson Cruz Pulls the Old Fake Mound Charge

Sometimes it's fun to subvert expectations.

Clearly, Nelson Cruz understands this principle.

Recently, the Mariners slugger flipped the script on the conventional mound charge by merely pretending to do so.

This fun bit of MLB street theater came at the expense of White Sox pitcher Derek Holland.

Dude's a regular crack-up artist.

This is certainly a refreshing change from the standard song-and-dance routine of the typical mound charge.

In regard to context, these two dudes were teammates for five years with the Rangers, so there's some friendly history at work.

Despite the obvious playfulness, you could detect the slightest twinge of irrational fear from Holland, as if there was a brief moment of doubt that Cruz was actually coming to get him.

While the Cruz/Holland antics were certainly good-natured, they couldn't quite replicate the unabashed joy of this Korean baseball exchange of pleasantries.

It's fun to pretend.