Mike Fiers' Beard Is Filled with Wonder and Whimsy

Published on 17-Sep-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Mike Fiers' Beard Is Filled with Wonder and Whimsy

Mike Fiers has had himself a decent MLB career, sticking around for nine seasons with four different teams.

Hell, dude's actually tossed two no-hitters, which is pretty remarkable, statistically speaking.

But when his baseball obituary is finally written, the first sentence will have to mention the beard.

In case you've yet to pay your respects, we'll show it to you now:


That damn thing is practically a religion.

Of course, it turns out Fiers shaved his beard into the letter G on a dare from his A’s teammates, but we'd much prefer to believe the inspiration was derived from some divine entity.


See, others have taken up the cause.


It's even stimulated debate.



Dude's showing us a better way.

Sadly, the mysterious growth vanished as quickly as it appeared.

But the legend only grows.