Michael Cuddyer Must Really Want to Be a Met

Published on 10-Nov-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Michael Cuddyer Must Really Want to Be a Met

This has got to be the latest installment of money can't buy happiness.

Continuing a perpetual trend, all 12 MLB players eligible for qualifying offers this winter rejected them.

The number was $15.3million this time around. Not good enough, a dozen times over.

One of the negatories included the curious case of now-former Colorado Rockie Michael Cuddyer. Not long after the 2013 NL batting champ rejected the cash, he signed with the Mets. For less cash. Kinda.

His deal in the Big Apple calls for $21million over two seasons, $8.5mil in 2015 and $12.5mil in 2016.

Shades of Dr Evil!

So what gives? Did Cuddyer think he'd earn $0 two seasons from now? He is 35.

Or could it be some things are more important than money? He's got his millions already. Maybe he just thought Christmas should come early to the cash-challenged -- thanks, Bernie -- Metropolitans.

Either that, or Cuddyer's got some friendship with David Wright, with whom he grew up in Norfolk, Virginia. Stuff that money can't buy.

But it does work out to $5.7million.